According to a blog post by Electronic Arts COO Peter Moore, the company has made some mistakes and has to do better. This is something the rest of us knew, but it is nice to know that they're aware of it too.

Throughout the blog post, Moore goes on to tackle some of the recent problems EA has been having, including the recently botched launch of Sim City. He highlights some problems with the recent poll that dubbed EA as the Worst Company in America. There have evidently been some email chains making the rounds urging people to vote EA into the position because of their player choices in Madden and their LGBT policy.

He does go on to address more legitimate points like always on DRM in Sim City and whether or not Origin can stand up to the market place with Steam. It is honestly a well thought out rebuttal to many of the criticisms people have of the company.

If anything, it is nice to know that all the criticisms haven't been falling on deaf ears and, according to Moore, "We can do better.  We will do better.  But I am damn proud of this company, the people around the globe who work at EA, the games we create and the people that play them. The tallest trees catch the most wind.  At EA we remain proud and unbowed."