Rejoice! Another game has seemingly escaped the void known as "Development Hell"! What title has managed to free itself from the nether? Fuzzyeyes Entertainment Limited's Edge of Twilight.

According to Destructoid, developer Fuzzyeyes has been resurrected as Fuzzyeyes Entertainment Limited and sent out a press release letting the world know that they had secrtely been working on Edge of Twilight since 2011.

The game itself has now become a series. The steampunk adventure focuses on a half-breed named Lex, who can, according to the press release, "bridge the gap between the realms of darkness and light." We're not quite sure what this means yet, but it sounds pretty badass.

Check out the video below, because the game looks awesome. The environments seem unique in their steampunk-inspired architecture and we're pretty sure we even saw a Hidden Mickey somewhere. The battles look like they could be fun as we see Lex swing around what looks to be a giant billhook and fire off an electric blunderbuss.

Three chests at the bottom of the series' official site show "2012", "2013", and "2013: Summer", perhaps indicating a release window for the titles. There's no word on what consoles we'll see Edge of Twilight on, but we'll keep you updated as more details are revealed.