A tech security firm recently found a security hole in EA's digital delivery platform Origin. Since that loophole was widely reported, EA has patched the problem that could have allowed hackers to execute malicious software on your computer.

It was recently reported that a security flaw was uncovered within Origin's game launching programming that would allow hackers to slip a malicious link into the executable command this allowing malicious software to enter and possibly takeover a user's computer. The security firm ReVuln demonstrated the problem by hacking into a computer running Crysis 3.

Now though, reps from EA have released a statement that the problem had been solved and the loophole closed. EA representative John Reseburg told GamesBeat, "“We have no reason to believe it was ever used, but out of an abundance of caution for our players, we wanted to quickly address it.”

This is good news that you won't be ripped from your firefight in Crysis 3 to deal with some horrific virus infecting your computer. Now, we wish Valve would do something about its similar security problem that the same security firm uncovered last October. We're sure Valve will think of something, especially with the Steam Box on the way.