Electronic Arts has unveiled their newest program, "On the House," which will offer up full games and downloadable content for free.

On EA Origin's official website for its "On the House" program, we have learned that specific games and pieces of DLC will be offered for free via the program's website. EA hints that these free specials can appear and disappear at anytime and will come and go as the company sees fit. The first game offered for free via On the House will be the 2008 sci-fi horror title,  Dead Space.

An FAQ on the program's website reassures players that this isn't just for trials or demos, but that On the House will indeed be offering full versions of the advertised games that players will be able to download for PC and play on their own indefinitely. The team behind EA Origins claims that they are gamers too, so they would like EA fans to make Origin its home and would like to show some appreciation along the way.

Stay tuned and we will continue to cover which games will be offered via the On the House program as its free games will change from time to time.