Electronic Arts has been busy. Right after the news about the ahead-of-schedule launch of Real Racing 3, the publishing titan has announced a new game in the works for iOS and Android. Much like Real Racing 3, this game adds another "freemium" entry into a different popular franchise -- Tetris. And that new game? Tetris Blitz!

According to the Electronic Arts press release, Tetris Blitz will provide an, "innovative new twist on the world famous puzzle game." The twist comes in the form of a time challenge, where you're given two minutes to clear as many lines as you can. Built on top of this new gameplay mechanic will be Frenzy Mode, which is triggered by clearing multiple lines at once.

After you engage this, you're in for a big score multiplier, as well as the requisite flashing explosions of color and noise that you'd expect from something called Frenzy Mode. In addition to this, Electronic Arts has noted that new power-ups will be released as in-app purchases, which you will certainly need if you're going to stay on top of the leaderboards.

Tetris Blitz will also come with a Facebook Connect integration that you can use to challenge your FB friends and compare high scores. Speaking of which ... if you want more info, you can always like the official Tetris Blitz Facebook page.

While there's no official release date yet, EA says that Tetris Blitz should be fitting its way into the App Store and Google Play sometime later this spring.