Only five weeks after the original game launched in Japan and months before the West gets a taste of it, Square Enix has announced a follow-up to Dragon Quest Heroes, the new Dragon Quest title framed like a Dynasty Warriors game.

Polygon reports that Square Enix on its official Japanese blog (which needs Google Translate unless you're fluent in Japanese), saying that production on the sequel has begun based on the positive reception of the first game. Selling almost 600,000 copies in the first week is certainly a positive reception, which is why Square Enix has decided to strike while the iron is hot.

We're not convinced the sequel will come quickly, as the blog merely says the game has "begun production," which is akin to the "Now In Development" slide we saw at the end of the Kingdom Hearts III trailer, and almost two years later we've heard barely anything more on Sora's next adventure. As such, we wouldn't worry about this follow-up game overshadowing the original game, as there will be plenty of time to get familiar with it before the second game even has a screenshot revealed.

We're wondering what other franchises could use the Warriors treatment, now that both Dragon Quest and The Legend of Zelda have tried the formula. Mortal Kombat WarriorsAssassin's Creed Heroes? What about Final Fantasy Heroes, wouldn't that essentially be the same premise as Dragon Quest Heroes? We're sure Omega Force will have their hands full for a while, as this gameplay style they've devised can fit in a variety of places pretty easily. We'll see what they've got cooking up next soon enough.