Well aware of what it owes to its fanbase, Double Fine Productions has given the green-light to making a game based on a rejected idea pitch.

According to Eurogamer, Greg Rice, an executive producer at Double Fine Productions, has confirmed that the studio has given permission to a group of fans to create a game based on one of Double Fine's rejected ideas. Patrick Hackett originally pitched an idea for a game titled Bad Golf to be included with Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight bundle of prototype games. The idea and game were rejected, but that didn't stop Patrick Hackett from pitching the idea for Bad Golf 2, the sequel to the game that never was.

A group of fans have rallied behind Hackett and offered to build Bad Golf 2 themselves and Double Fine has officially given its blessing in regards to the project. Unfortunately, a major stipulation (since the failed pitch's rights are owned by Double Fine) of the game's creation is that the final version of Bad Golf 2 will never be sold for money, it must exist just as a side-project done for the sake of fun.

Still, if the project does ever see the light of day, we hope to have the chance to hit the links to see Double Fine's unique spin on fairway fun.