Boneloaf's latest brawler, Gang Beasts, is unlike any fighting game we've ever seen.

The adventure game gurus at Double Fine Productions recently released a trailer for Gang Beasts. Unlike Double Fine's usual point-and-click masterpieces, Gang Beasts is a four-player (possibly more) fighting game made by Boneloaf that is all about physics. You get to play as these strange, slow-moving, humanoid creatures who must duke-it-out in interesting locations. These environments matter as Gang Beasts' fighting mechanics is all about the physics and way each characters' weight moves when thrown or tossed into objects in the background. It's interesting to watch the characters fight atop the cabins of a Ferris wheel and seeing them swing back and forth as the battles get even more hazardous. Nothing beats throwing your opponent off of a moving truck just to see him ran over as he hits the ground.

Gang Beasts is coming soon for PlayStation 4 and is available on PC via Steam's Early Access. It's also coming out for Wii U and Xbox One.