A coalition of noteworthy people from the independent scene are uniting to launch Fig, an indie video game-oriented crowdfunding platform. We also get a look at its first game, Outer Wilds, coming from Masi Oka (Heroes) and Mobius Digital.

Founded by former Double Fine Productions CEO Justin Bailey, Freeman White, Bob Ippolito and having a board comprised of Brian Fargo (inXile), Feargus Urquhart (Obsidian) and Tim Schafer (Double Fine), the team at Fig represent some of the biggest names on the indie gaming scene. They are launching the Fig platform in order to offer a video game-focused alternative to the likes of Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Fig will only offer what they call "iii" independent games for funding (the equivalent of big publisher AAA games), and will let fans invest in projects that they feel are worthy.

The craziest part about Fig is that it also offers equity-based investment to accredited investors. Of course, there will still be rewards-based crowdfunding, but eventually even unaccredited investors will be able to buy a piece of the game they invest in. That means you'll be able to get a share of the game's revenue over time.

“Games are one of the leading sectors in rewards-based crowdfunding and continue to evolve the whole medium; Fig’s approach is to customize our platform to what works best for games,” said Justin Bailey, CEO of Fig. “This includes supporting investment crowdfunding where the fans have the opportunity to participate in the financial success of the games they help make possible.”

Today marks the launch of Fig, which will let developers have access to investment crowdfunding. Fig aims to uphold a moderated platform where both veteran independent studios and up-and-coming indie teams can present their iii titles for all to see and invest in.

Urquhart, Fargo, and Schafer, who are indie vets and known for some of the most successful rewards-based crowdfunding campaigns and launches, will moderate the pitch process and offer advice for developers using Fig. As expected, inXile Entertainment, Obsidian Entertainment and Double Fine Productions will be using Fig to crowdfund their future indie titles as well.

“Feargus, Tim and I have all experienced the many challenges of bringing our games to market and nurturing great talent along the way,” said Brian Fargo, CEO of inXile. “We’re proud to be creating an ecosystem that better supports developers and their fans in the quest to bring their passion projects to life—and we believe Fig will become the best option to get games funded in the future.”

There have been a lot of questionable projects on Kickstarter over the past few months, and having guys like Fargo, Urquhart and Schafer moderate which projects can get crowdfunding will help keep the spotlight on the developers who need crowdfunding the most.

The first game presented for crowdfunding via Fig will be Outer Wilds, which comes from Mobius Digital. Mobius Digital is the studio of actor and digital effects artist Masi Oka. Outer Wilds has a crowdfunding goal of $125,000 and previously won the 2015 Independent Games Festival Awards Grand Prize and Excellence in Design. Crowdfunding the project will let the Mobius Digital team polish the game, upgrade its art and add more overall content.

“We’re excited about this opportunity because, as indie developers, creative control and IP ownership are critical,” said Masi Oka. “Having a crowdfunding platform specifically targeted to games also allows us to reach and focus our marketing to the gaming community."

Mobius Digital

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