The indie title crowdfunding company Fig is teaming up with the music game gurus at Harmonix for their next game.

Just a few weeks ago, Fig launched as a crowdfunding alternative to Kickstarter that is more oriented towards top of the barrel indie titles. Fig will eventually open its gates to equity-based investments where contributors could potentially get money back from the games they funded. Now, Fig is partnering up with the studio known for its music games and plastic peripherals, Harmonix. The two companies are teaming up to bring an upcoming Harmonix title to the market. They also announced that Harmonix Chief Creative Officer, Alex Rigopulos, will be joining Fig's advisory board.

Last year, Harmonix used Kickstarter to help crowdfund its revamped version of Amplitude.

“Harmonix has successfully gone the traditional crowdfunding route before, and now we are looking to explore offering both rewards as well as investment opportunities to the community when we launch our next title via Fig in Q4 of 2015. I’m looking forward to sharing more information with everyone very soon,” said Alex Rigopulos, CCO, Harmonix.

Rigopulos will be sitting next to CEO Justin Bailey, the former COO of Double Fine; Tim Schafer, CEO of Double Fine and developer of Grim Fandango; Brian Fargo, CEO of inXile Entertianment and developer of Wasteland 2; and Feargus Urquhart, CEO of Obsidian Entertainment and developer of Pillars of Eternity. This panel will curate which games get offered for crowdfunding on Fig, and they will also provide guidance for the indie studios making these games through the development and publishing processes. Fig's first crowdfunding campaign is for Mobius Digital's Outer Wilds, which won the 2015 IGF Grand Prize and Excellence in Design Awards. Outer Wilds has 15 days remaining in its crowdfunding campaign on Fig and is currently $24K short of its main goal.

Harmonix is currently gearing up for Rock Band 4's big release (being co-published by Mad Catz) on Oct. 6 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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