DropMix Review
By allowing players to simply play cards to make their own memorable tracks, as well as providing a surprising bit of strategy in versus modes, DropMix continues Rock Band developers Harmonix's elevated expectations of what can be accomplished when you mix video games with chart-topping hits.
Rock Band Rivals Review
Rock Band 4 never stopped being fun even if you've been away from the game for a short time, but Rivals is a great reason to return to your rock roots.
A Pioneer Flight Into The Souls of Sound: Celebrating Amplitude
These days, when we look at industry of music and rhythm games, it’s hard not to think of Harmonix. The development studio has been a master force and pioneer of the genre for over a decade with its work on the Guitar Hero, Rock Band and Dance Central franchises. However, there was time when …
Amplitude Review
The plastic peripheral-slinging music game developers at Harmonix have returned to their roots with a modern remake of Amplitude. This 2003 hit was a sequel to the studio's first game, Frequency. After a very successful Kickstarter campaign last year, Harmonix was finally able to get this revam…
Rock Band 4 Review
Five years after the last full retail release, Harmonix has returned with Rock Band 4. Like your favorite band that's been out of the studio for too long, Harmonix's return is a welcome one. Who better than the masters of the genre to bring back one of the most storied franchises of the la…

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