Don’t Starve, the procedurally generated island survival game, is another one of those games, like Minecraft, that already had quite the following in its alpha stages. Developer Kiei Entertainment was present at PAX East 2013 this year, and had a couple interesting tidbits of information to give the game’s starving fans.

First of all, the game is finally ready to come out of Alpha. It will launch on steam on April 24th for $15.

The full version of Don’t Starve will feature multiple characters. Wilson is the character that most fans of the game have been playing so far, but PAX East showed off Willow, a young girl who has the ability to light her own fires when the screen gets dark at night. Every other character in the game will come with their own special abilities as well and they will unlock as you complete the game and fulfill certain objectives with other characters.

The game’s sanity mechanic will also be greatly expanded in the full version of the game. The three main things that characters have to balance in Don’t Starve are health, hunger, and sanity. Health only goes down when you are injured and naturally recovers as you rest and eat. Hunger is constantly dropping and has to be maintained by finding food and eating it. Sanity, on the other hand, drops as you get further and further away from your civilized life. Wearing clothing, playing games, and otherwise indulging in creature comforts replenishes the meter. However, when the meter gets low your character starts hallucinating, turning simple twigs into spiders and trees into ravenous beasts. These hallucinations get more and more real the lower your sanity drops, and soon they can kill you just as easily as lack of food or shelter can.

Don’t Starve is currently in closed beta and can be still be applied for and accessed through Steam. If you want to try your own hand at surviving a deserted island with nothing but your own wits and ingenuity, check it out.