A recent play-test of Don’t Starve Together, the expansion for Don’t Starve, has provided a video that shows footage of an early prototype phase of the multiplayer update.

Joystiq reports that Klei Entertainment, developers of the indie survival hit Don’t Starve, recently play-tested the first playable build of Don’t Starve Together with 15 players, and produced this video which shows off the new ghost mechanic in action. Players who die in the game become ghosts, which can freely roam the game world.

Ghosts can haunt objects, causing varying effects like setting grass on fire or cutting down trees, though players have no control over what their haunt does. Ghosts can be brought back to life when another player creates a meat effigy, which can be haunted by the ghost to bring them back to life.

The video is brief and represents a very early build of the expansion, which is subject to change as its summer release draws closer. Klei's Seth Rosen specifically mentions that the ghosts’ haunting abilities will likely be modified to cut down on griefing from beyond the grave in a detailed synopsis of the play-test.

Don’t Starve Together is coming to Steam this summer, and will cost $15 for new players. Gamers who already own Don’t Starve will get the update for free. While today’s video gives us our first look at the multiplayer expansion, Klei hopes to show off a playable version to gamers who attend this year’s PAX East convention in late August.

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