Despite being all alone in the wilderness of a strange world, things have been on the up and up for the folks behind Don't Starve. The console edition of Don't Starve has been doing excellent due to being the free game of the month for PlayStation Plus players on the PlayStation 4. But there are smaller schemes in the works planned for this nightmarish camper.

In an interview with Edge, Klei Entertainment's Corey Rollins hinted other ports of Don't Starve could be in the game's future. "We're investigating a proper Vita version at the moment," Rollins said. "A lot of people play Don't Starve: Console Edition using the PS4's remote play, and really enjoy it." Rollins also mentioned that iOS and mobile versions of Don't Starve are being considered but are not being prioritized at this time.

Edge also reported overall downloads of all versions of Don't Starve have surpassed one million, which is a key reason why Klei is considering porting the roguelike to more platforms. With new DLC coming later this year, there's bound to be plenty of reasons to continue returning to the wild wilderness of Don't Starve. That said, just because Klei's latest has been a success doesn't mean a follow-up will be coming. "We feel pretty strongly about not doing sequels unless you have something really new to bring to table," Rollins said. "It’s definitely a possibility, but we’ll need to take some time to think about the best way to revisit [Don’t Starve] if we do.”

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