Disney wants to infuse a little gaming magic into the movie-going experience by allowing theater patrons the ability to play games on mobile devices while watching their films. Now, if only Retina screens were somehow made to be popcorn butter-proof.

An article on Deadline talks about an event at this year's Cinemacon, during which the House of Mouse introduced the Second Screen Live program. The Second Screen feature is already available for the Blu-Ray releases of some movies under the Disney banner, such as Tron: Legacy and The Avengers, but now they want to take the experience to the theater. The Second Screen Live program will allow moviegoers a chance to play interactive games while watching a film. Who doesn't like multitasking outlets for entertainment?

They've already tested out the service with Second Screen Live-enabled screenings of The Nightmare Before Christmas, with seemingly positive results. Nancy Klueter, Disney Exhibitor Relations Vice President, said, "50 percent of the audience had an iPad." We can hear the squeak of buttery fingers over the iPad screens now!

There's no word on which of Disney's upcoming films will get a Second Screen Live tie-in, but we're willing to bet that any of the Marvel titles would make for good candidates.

What do you guys think? Would you want to play a game while watching a movie at the theater? Do you think it would enhance the experience? Let us know in the comments below.