Disney Infinity has let loose with a trailer showing us some of the ways the Toy Box feature can let your imagine flow. If you've ever wanted to see Mike Wazowski and Woody fighting robots in front of Uncle Scrooge's money bin, then your prayers have been answered!

And by the looks of things, Disney fans are going to have plenty to do when Disney Infinity comes out in August 2013.

Toy Box mode will allow players to create their own worlds and build them however they want using the many tools, characters, buildings, vehicles, items, and environments at their disposal. And thanks to the logic editor, they can also set up whatever game types they want, from action adventures to tower defense games.

The sky is pretty much the limit, which isn't saying much since you can blast to infinity and beyond with Buzz Lightyear's jetpack and other items that let your characters hit the stratosphere.

All of the possible crossovers are going to keep players glued to this game for a good while. Who wouldn't want to see Carl Fredricken's house floating around next to Jack Skellington's spindly hill?

Catch the trailer and screenshots below and let us know if you're excited to create your own magical world full of cross-over goodness!