Once Disney Infinity ships, a new version of the game will be shipped every single year afterwards. Because of that, each new disc will include a year's worth of content, some of which could be hidden assets for upcoming films.

In an interview with Videogamer, Disney Infinity's executive producer John Vignocchi discussed Disney Interactive's plan for movie tie-ins, including having secret files full of upcoming assets from films hidden away on a game disc.

"That's something that we've made the film-makers aware of," Vignocchi said. "There's absolute potential that people are going to see characters prior to their PR campaigns kicking off if someone does that, but we're hoping that isn't something that is widespread reported because then people are going to start looking for it, and it's going to ruin the magic for the consumer."

Vignocchi also believed that such a problem wouldn't be an issue in the coming years when digital downloads potentially become more prevalent. "In the future, as we move on to new versions of consoles we're going to be able to digitally deliver that content, and the figurines themselves will simply be dongles that allow us to then instantiate a download of that content," Vignocchi continued. "But given the current generation of consoles, the content needs to be on the disc. But in the future we'll be able to push all that digitally so we don't run into that problem."

While savvy hackers finding hidden files in the past has usually just meant discovering extra costumes for fighting games, potentially spoiling upcoming Disney features seems like an awfully big risk to take with Disney Infinity. Until the game comes out though, Disney Interactive won't know how big of a problem hacking could be, and whether or not to address the issue for subsequent releases.