Brand new screenshots from Disney Infinity featuring Monsters University have surfaced from Toy Fair 2013.

Monsters University is Pixar's next big release, and to help promote the film, there will be a set of figures for Disney to tie into its upcoming Disney Infinity video game. As you can see from the images below, there are bound to be some zany antics at Monsters U., with Mike and Sully getting into all kinds of trouble.

In addition to the main Monsters University portion, there are also a few shots of Mike and Sully living it up in the Toy Box (Infinity's open-ended create-your-own adventure mode), with the likes of Buzz Lightyear and Davy Jones. Also, one of the vehicles is clearly an old school Space Paranoids Rectifier, so I'm buying this game immediately.

Check out the images below, and let us know what Disney property you want to see make it into Infinity.