Fans of PlayStation 2-era strategy role-playing games will want to mark their calendars for January 22nd, 2013.

Why? Because Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories is coming to the PlayStation Network as a PlayStation 2 Classic! This zany turn-based strategy RPG was first released in 2006 on the PlayStation 2 and was then ported to the PlayStation Portable in 2009. But now you can return to the world of Veldime on your PlayStation 3 and join Adell, Rozalin, and fan-favorite Etna as they hunt down Overlord Zenon.

If you've never played the game before, just know that it's a whacked-out SRPG in which you can throw your both your enemies and allies from one grid to another. And you can also use bribes at a place called The Dark Assembly, leading to lower enemy levels or better weapons. Because we all know that the best weapon to have in an SRPG is the power that comes with having a bunch of senators backing your cause.

The game will be available for download on the PSN on January 22nd, 2013 for $9.99. Until then, enjoy this trailer from the original version of the game.