The PlayStation Vita will be getting an addition with a bunch of rowdy girls in Criminal Girls: Invite Only in less than a month and now there are screens for it.

NIS America announced that it would be releasing the game in early February about two months ago and now it's back to bring us some screens from the game. In these screens, you can see not only what kind of battles will take place in the PlayStation Vita exclusive, but also what kind of training will be available.

The game focuses around the main character as they delve into the past of the 'criminal girls' that surround them. You have to be very present within the story so that you don't make enemies of the girls who you need to help climb to the top of the spire. All of the girls have a tainted image simply because of their delinquent DNA, which will be absolved if they reach the top of the spire.

You can check out the screenshots above as we wait for the game to come out for PlayStation Vita on Feb. 3, 2015.

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