A Japanese trademark filed for a new model of the PlayStation Vita has us wondering what it can do and hopeful that Sony will finally start taking the handheld seriously.

This new model was posted by @Trademark_Bot on Twitter and found by NeoGAF user Jignx (via IGN). This trademark looks similar to the previous 2000 model of the PS Vita, but with the additional of what is likely an HDMI port. Everything else looks pretty much the same otherwise. It could be that this new Vita will intend to act similarly to the PlayStation TV set-top box (which already performed like a microconsole version of the Vita), which allows you to play PlayStation Now, various apps and PS Vita games on your television set while being able to Remote Play a PlayStation 4 on a screen other than the one your PS4 is attached to.


Last year, Sony launched the PCH-2000 version of the PS Vita, which was 20 percent thinner, 15 percent lighter and more affordable because it used a cheaper 5" LCD screen instead of the original OLED version. The PCH-2000 Vita boasted an extra hour of battery life, a variety of colors and 1 GB internal storage. It is currently selling for $199.99, but is frequently on sale or in discount bundles with games like Borderlands 2. 

Stay tuned as we'll provide up-to-date coverage on this new PS Vita model and whether or not it will be seeing any kind of Western release in the Americas.

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