Capybara Games is putting out a free Ultra Update for its game Super Time Force on Xbox One and it comes with a ton of new content.

Let's be honest, we all love free things and now Xbox One owners have something to rejoice over because Super Time Force is bringing a free Ultra Update to the console. The update will bring a whole slew of new content to Super Time Force such as new levels and a new mode. There will be 50 different levels that players will be able to time travel through. There will also be the addition of Ultra Force mode where players will have to get used to the all new "extra-powerful, extra-asplosive versions of the Time Force team." Plus there will be new achievements that players can earn, in case you needed more incentive to download a free content update. Did we mention it's free?

Super Time Force is all about time-travel and run-and-gun gameplay where you will have to figure out the best way to make the present a better place by going back in time and shooting everything. But don't be discouraged — you will be able to travel to the future as well as the past so get those space suits handy.

The Super Time Force Ultra Update for Xbox One is live now, so go get it and start playing all the new levels. This isn't the only thing we have to look froward to in terms of Super Time Force, though. The game will also be heading onto PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita this spring for all you loyal Sony fans.

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