Killia and the gang will be taking on the Demon Emperor Void Dark once Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance launches for PS4 this October.

NIS' turn- and grid-based strategy RPG series will return in just a few months once Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance hits the PlayStation 4. Disgaea uses a traditional RPG battle format combined with some modern day mechanics and a unique anime-style of visuals to keep things interesting. While the Final Fantasy series usually hit a damage cap of 9,999 hit points, Disgaea will let you have your party members team up to do millions of points of damage amidst all the chaos on the battlefield.

The wonderfully bizarre cast of Disgaea 5 were illustrated by Takehito Harada, and its stories and script were done by Sohei Niikawa. While Disgaea 5 still upholds the same style of art and over-the-top hilarity as its predecessors, it also takes things in a dark direction, especially when it comes to its narrative. Disgaea 5 revolves around the Demon Emperor Void Dark and his evil plans against our rambunctious hero, Killia (get it? kill-ya?). With over 45 hours of gameplay in just its main storyline alone, we can expect a ton of additional content as well. The power of the PS4 allows Disgaea 5 to feature up to 100 enemies on a single stage for some epic battles

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance will debut on Oct. 6 for PlayStation 4. Its launch edition will feature a collector's box, a reversible cover, a 32-page art book and the game's soundtrack for free.

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