Devolver Digital is going to broadcast video game-related films live on Stream for everyone to enjoy.

Devolver Digital is most known for its Serious Sam series, but now it's branching out from video games to bring you entertainment in the form of full length features. It is planning a weekly series of live screenings consisting of video game-related movies to air on Twitch. The advantage to airing them on Twitch is that each projects' filmmaker will be there to answer fan's questions during the showing of each movie while it plays. 'Steam Dream' will kick off these movies and is about "the rising influence of gaming video content creators using Twitch and other platforms to reach their worldwide audiences."

“Devolver Digital is the perfect example of a studio who understands the appeal of Twitch’s social video format by both documenting our brand in Stream Dream and scheduling broadcasts of half a dozen gaming films on our platform.” said Ben Goldhaber, Twitch's director of content marketing.

As with any movie, this one will be preceded with trailers, which will center around Devolver Digital's winter releases. Check out the release schedule below for the movies' broadcasts:

2015 Schedule: