The parent company of the digital distributor Desura and the indie game bundle seller Indie Royale, Bad Juju, has filed for bankruptcy.

Gamasutra reports that Bad Juju has come down on hard times. Recently, both Desura and Indie Royale have been getting a lot of heat in the industry because both services were failing to pay the developers for the games they were selling. If Bad Juju is filling for bankruptcy, this could mean that those PC game and indie title developers might not be getting any of their money. Desura was known for being a DRM-free game vendor. Bad Juju, which acquired Desura in late 2014 from Linden Lab, was behind on making payments to multiple studios and indie developers..

Bad Juju's head of developer relations, Lisa Morrison, claims that she hadn't heard about the bankruptcy until recently, but we have a feeling she was aware of some kind of financial plight as multiple studios must have contacted her department asking about their payments. As head of developer relations, these incidents were likely brought to her attention, and if she investigated why they weren't getting paid, she would have noticed something was wrong.

“I asked Tony [Novak, Bad Juju's CEO] for confirmation and all he could tell me was, ‘The lawyers have said I can't say anything or answer any questions yet, but yes it's true,’” Morrison said. “I'm just shocked right now...stunned. I had no idea this was coming.”

Here's what Indie Royale's Graeme Boxall had to say about the company's recent predicament: