Indie Royale has revealed its Debut 2 Bundle, giving lovers of indie games a chance to nab six new titles at a beefy discount, with bonuses included!

As of this writing, the minimum for the bundle is $5.53, which means you'd be paying less than a dollar for each of the following games:

  • Croixleur - A Japanese hack-and-slash arcade action game by souvenir circ. It's described as a Devil May Cry-esque romp starring a girl named Lucrezia Visconti. She makes her way through floor after floor of endless monsters in a ritual called The Adjuvant Trial.
  • Beast Boxing Turbo - You're secretly a human boxer in a world full of beasts. It's your job to show that you have what it takes to defeat the boxing leagues of Beasthalla.
  • Dawnstar - A space shooter with over 20 story missions, over 20 world zones to explore, and decisions that affect the story. There's co-op multiplayer in this title, so you can play with up to 4 of your buds.
  • Battlepaths - A 2D role-playing game with a loot system that offers some retro-styled top-down adventure-RPG action. There are three realms to explore, skills to learn, potions to use, and a Chaos Overlord to hunt!
  • Out There Somewhere - This game is a platformer starring an astronaut stuck on an alien planet. The crux of the game is in its nifty teleportation device, which should change up how you look at platforming.
  • Diehard Dungeon - The adventure is different every time you play the game because it always creates a randomly-generated dungeon.

If you pay more than $8.00, you'll also get a bonus album along with the games, giving you more value for your buck. Head to the site to check out these games, which are only offered for a limited time, and let us know if you bought the bundle.

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