The Syfy series Defiance doesn't premiere until April 15th, and Trion Worlds' game tie-in comes out April 2nd. Still, the future looks bright for the series and its companion game, as Indie Wire reports showrunner Kevin Murphy is already plotting out season two!

For Murphy, the television and gaming universe of Defiance are essentially one and the same. "Both worlds have a shared mythology that are shared concurrently - it's been this way since the beginning," said Murphy. "As this goes forward, when we are talking about season two of the TV show, we are also talking about season two of the game. We will continue to try to tight the relationship and crossover elements."

Murphy understands the complexities of the marriage between both worlds, and he says that his team is "flexible" at making changes along the way to keep Defiance fans engaged in the series. "We just want to make sure everyone is getting the best entertainment possible," said Murphy about the show, which is headlined by Grant Bowler and Julie Benz.

Will Defiance be a runaway hit on Syfy and for gamers? Tell us if you think Defiance will sink or swim with this ambitious concept!