Defiance, the upcoming massively-multiplayer online game from Trion Worlds, packs several kinds of punches thanks to the huge array of weapons available to players. Let's take a look at the catalog of carnage from the game tie-in for SyFy's newest series.

The new trailer was posted on the PlayStation Blog, along with some details about the guns in the game. There are lots of different weapon types available to suit players of any play style. This will make it so that snipers can have cool toys to play with while propped up on hills while those who like to run and gun can get up close and personal with a submachine gun that's quicker and more mobile.

Defiance will sport a system that lets collectors salvage their weapons in order to fully customize their own killing machine with the very best parts that the San Francisco Bay area has to offer.

The trailer shows a few specific guns and some of their uses. We see the Infector, the Bio Magnetic Gun, the Rocket Launcher, and the Detonator in action down below. The Infector damages enemies and plagues them with sick boils that can affect other baddies. The Bio Magnetic gun can boost the shields of friendlies while damaging those who aren't. The Rocket Launcher is pretty self-explanatory and is a time-honored staple of the shooter genre. Then there's the Detonator, which is described on the Blog as a "Rocket Launcher on speed with the ability to bog down enemies so those you don’t finish off are vulnerable for the one-two punch."

These sound like very tasty tools for a very dangerous trade indeed. Watch the video below and keep an eye out for Defiance when it becomes available for Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3 on April 2nd, 2013. Let us know if you'll either be playing the game, watching the show, or both!