Defiance continues to have its various issues improved, and executive producer Nathan Richardsson wrote on the game's community site that servers are being taken down to, "deploy code fixes or reconfiguration at a pretty rapid rate."

Although Xbox 360 users may have experienced having their server down for even two times a day, Richardsson claims the gradual progress made on fixing Defiance's issues has thankfully prevented him from going, "mildly insane to insane."

In his lengthy post, Richardsson said the development team is focused on cleaning up game server crashes, working on the chat & voip features, and fixing a game play problem wherein items disappear in the Salvage Matrix.

A minor patch is expected next week to work on improvements and fixes, with another patch coming out in three weeks. Fans who experience difficultly with patching, connectivity and client download is advised by Richardson to contact customer service.

"We have good leads on our top issues, better visibility and signal-to-noise ratio after this week, and I'm confident our woop-to-wtf ratio will improve considerably in the next days," said Richardsson.