Defiance, the media-hopping property from Syfy and Trion Worlds, launches today, giving players everywhere a chance to hunt down alien tech and survive on a transformed Earth.

While the actual show won't premiere until April 15th, 2013, the video game tie-in is now available for PlayStation 3 and PC.

In the game, players can become Ark Hunters who look for alien tech and try to fight back the alien hordes that have littered the newly-changed planet. All of the action is centered around the San Francisco Bay Area and can be experienced in solo play or in multiplayer combat.

You can purchase the digital download of Defiance at the official site, while download vouchers and physical retail copies are available at brick and mortar stores for $59.99. You can also grab the Deluxe Edition for PC and the Collector's Edition for both console and PC for $99.99. For those who are super early adopters and want to get the full Defiance experience, an Ultimate Edition is available for console and PC for $149.99 and includes a season pass for the game's downloadable content, all of the items in the Collector's Edition, and a Hellbug figurine.

Watch the launch trailer below and tell us if you're going to take up arms as an Ark Hunter!