Looking for a place of your own in DC Universe Online? Is chilling at the Watchtower not as comfortable as you had hoped? Well, hold tight, because soon you can make your very own Batcave!

A new trailer has gone up, courtesy of Classic Game Room, which shows off what players have to look forward to upon the update's release. Both heroes and villains will have the ability to design their own personal hangout, so housing is guaranteed, no matter what your alignment.

Not only will you be able to customize your own awesome home base, but the addition of the Mainframe feature will let you craft gadgets and mods to use while you're in the field. You can grab these goodies from your handy new Dispenser. You also get access to new research mods to buff up your equipment and supply drops that help you recover.

But perhaps the coolest part of this update is the addition of backup/henchmen for heroes and villains, respectively. You can use these helpful lemmings to take down tougher foes, and each group of allies will be modeled after your home base's theme.

And even better? You can have sidekicks. If you've ever wanted to pass on the tricks of your trade to a promising young protege, then now's your chance! You'll even have access to accomplices, which are like lesser forms of sidekicks, but both are definitely a lot beefier than their backup/henchmen counterparts.

If you find yourself really in a heap of trouble, even with all of the extra help, then you can call on your Mainframe to bring down one of the tastiest weapons of all: an orbital strike from the heavens.

There's nothing quite like bringing down the wrath of ages from space. 

The update will be coming soon, on January 29th, 2013, so make sure you've grabbed a few of your super-powered friends to help you move your stuff. Promise them pizza for their hard work, even if they can just lift the moving truck singlehandedly.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what your thoughts are about these humble new abodes!