You might think H1Z1 was getting cold feet the way it was avoiding setting a release date, but we'll be seeing it soon.

Sony Online Entertainment has been hard at work developing its upcoming survival MMO sandbox game and despite multiple delays, has finally given its fans a release date. On a post on the H1Z1 Reddit, John Smedley, President of Sony Online Entertainment, detailed why the release date for H1Z1 was pushed back so many times, as well as what players can expect when it does finally come out.

In relation to why it was delayed so many times, Smedley said, "The simple answer is once we saw what we could have had earlier it wasn't good enough and we wanted to put something out that we would be proud of." He also made sure to state, "Is it going to be a finished game? Absolutely not. If that's what you're expecting, do not buy early access. The goal here is to let you in early and help us mold it into a game you want to be a part of for quite a long time."

When the game does come out, SOE will be offering two SKUs--basic early access for $19.99 and another that will be announced later on. The first one will get you the game whereas the second will be more expensive and get you access to add-ons such as different game mode servers. However, to get on to these game mode servers, you can also purchase tickets or earn them in game as well. All of this will be coming out on Jan. 15 on Steam so get ready to fight some zombies and craft... a lot.