It seems that Sony's decision to refund Early Access micro-transaction purchases of H1Z1 was a good idea since the servers are still down.

There have been a few online games that have had a pretty rough start within the past few months, but it seems like H1Z1 is going for the grand prize because now, almost a week after its initial launch date, it is still having server problems. Joystiq reports that although the servers went down last night for just a quick fix, according to Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley. These kind of outages bring back not-so-fond memories of my Archeage days, with Smedley assuring players that this patch is vital to the game. Even though the servers now appear to be back up, there's still the matter of super long log-in queues and the idea that there may need to be a server wipe. Fortunately, the wipes won't rid players of perks earned to this point in game, should anyone actually have gotten in to play.

For now it will be a waiting game to see if H1Z1 will be fixed in a timely manner or if, like the European servers, it will continue to be unplayable.