Time to add another onto the list of recent terrible launches, because H1Z1 saw a pretty rough first day.

The last half of 2014 was a pretty rough year for game releases, and H1Z1 will be joining their ranks. On its launch day, Polygon reports H1Z1 not only had issues with queues and connectivity, but was also delayed two hours with many servers completely crashing. H1Z1 is Sony's new venture into a DayZ-style, zombie survival sandbox game.

Because of early issues with H1Z1's airdrop microtransactions, Sony has decided to offer refunds for those who bought its in-game premium content. The game's early access version sold for $19.99 and when the full edition launches it will jump to $39.99. Be warned -- users are reporting that Steam's refunds doesn't actually go back to the card buyers purchased their content with, but instead gets placed back into their Steam wallet.