The Home Turf update for DC Universe Online goes live today and lets players set up their own base of operations. Does anyone know if there's a DC-equivalent of IKEA?

A  post on the PlayStation Blog discusses the details of the update and primes players on what they can do with their new cribs. The most important features of home bases are the Mainframe and the Control Panel. The Mainframe can be thought of as your own personal tech concierge. And the handy little terminal known as the Control Panel lets you relocate and rename your base, as well as decorate it. You can feng-shui things like a R&D Station, Broker, Mailbox, and Banks.

There's also an addition to Arenas: PvP called Lair Battles. These fights are one-on-one brawls that can take place in your home base. According to the blog, these battles are, "set-up much like a fighting game, with a best of five rounds format, and short cut-scenes before and after each round." This doesn't sound like the best way to entertain guests, but we're not ones to judge.

The Mainframe lets you unlock awesome new mods and features that will give your hero or villain a leg up in battle. Some of these include Orbital Strikes, Supply Drops, Sidekicks or Accomplices, and a small group of Back-Up heroes or Henchmen. Everyone needs an entourage, right?

Aside from the Home Turf goodies, DC Universe Online is also adding Tier 4 solo challenges, set around Ace Chemicals, Steelworks, Arkham Asylum, and Stryker's Island. More Player vs. Environment content is always welcome! Check out the blog post to read up on the rest of the details.

And let us know in the comments below if you're ready to move in and throw a housewarming party! Or if you just want to throw opponents around instead, because that's cool too.