Duality has always been something of a theme in the Legend of Zelda series. There are almost always two versions of Hyrule and the two opposing forces of good and evil. Link, our favorite tunic-wearing hero, also has two sides to him, so let's welcome Dark Link as today's Cosplay of the Day.

Dark Link has shown up in many different games in the series, usually as a midboss of sorts. Battles with him represent Link's battle with his darker side, so defeating him represents Link getting over his fears and shortcomings. After all, what could be more difficult than facing oneself?

Here is InkyLink, a cosplayer from the US who has seemingly embodied Link's darker side. His hair, skin and clothes have all received a healthy coating of darkness, turning him into the powerful shadow that serves as a test for our silent hero. Apart from the glowing red eyes, this midboss is devoid of color.

Check out InkyLink's deviantART profile to see more of his cosplay and artwork. Let us know what you think of this dark figure!

Alton Sun Photography
Nathaniel Bunn
The Real Link

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