Get ready to feel mildly uncomfortable at the premise of Conception 2: Children of the Seven Stars and its new teaser trailer. Unless you're an Atlus veteran, in which case you'll feel right at home.

It seems that the world of Aterra has been invaded by monsters and the only ones who can stop them are warriors imbued by the Star God. Unfortunately, time is running out of Aterra and there are only a few select individuals with the power to fight back. To remedy this, a solution was created that involves the main character bonding with seven of Conception 2's female Disciples in order to create Star Children.

That's right, folks. You'll be juggling relationships, high school and monster fighting in Conception 2. So really, it's business as usual for an Atlus game. Each female Disciple has different skills and abilities that she'll pass on to your Star Children, so play around with different combinations to make powerful kids that will truck all monsters in their way.

Watch the trailer above and await the release of Conception 2: Children of the Seven Stars when it's released on Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita on April 15 for $39.99.