According to a recent article in Polygon, the Canabalt devs from Semi Secret Software and Greg from dev team Mikengreg have a solid release date for their upcoming collaboration -- Hundreds.

The game will see the light of the App Store day early next year, on January 3rd. We are all for fun minimalist puzzlers here at Arcade Sushi, but we can't really tell much from the trailer about what kind of game it will be.

But based on the other games these guys have released so far, they get the benefit of the doubt here. Also, there's something to be said for keeping a bit of mystery about things. And even though it's just a teaser, the announcement trailer is pretty slick looking. It's like an advertisement from the future.

We'll be on top of Hundreds once it lands in the App Store after the holidays. In the meantime, check out the trailer below. And if you want a chance to bone up on the previous games from these devs, definitely check out the excellent Canabalt and Solipskier.