Caitlyn, from League of Legends, is a sharpshootin' sleuth who rocks a steampunkish look. Just from that description, you'd know that she's perfect as a Cosplay of the Day.

Caitlyn first learned that she had a knack for investigation at the age of 14 when she tracked down the muggers who hurt and robbed her father. From then on, she pretty much became the gun-totin' Batman of the city of Piltover. And as time went on, she grew in both skill and beauty, making her a worthy addition to our Cosplay of the Day roster.

Here is Russian cosplayer Eiphen, decked out in Caitlyn's default outfit. She may look like she's a female version of Willy Wonka with a rifle, but this steampunk beauty has nothing to do with confectionery delights. Eiphen has the straps, the guns, and all of the techmaturgical accoutrements she needs to bring this character to life.

See more of Eiphen's cosplaying finesse on her deviantART and let her know how much you enjoy her work.


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