Jonathan Blow blew our minds with his time-warping platformer, Braid. It was rumored that his newest attempt to capture the imaginations of gamers, The Witness, would be coming to iOS. Well, the rumors turned out to be true, and you'll witness the game in all its glory on the iPad!

A post on The Witness' blog showed a picture of the game's engine running on an iPad. It's titled "iPad Victory Shot" and that's exactly what it is. The Witness was announced in 2009 and with about three years of development, no word on an iOS release had surfaced. Then in August 2012, Blow said that an iPad version of the game would definitely sell; that was the most news that existed about an iOS port.

But now we know that work has been going into the coloring, shaders, and touchscreen controls for a port. It will be interesting to see how Blow's adventure game experience will translate itself to the iPad, which is a prime platform for environmental exploration and puzzle-solving. Hopefully the process is quick and the game drops soon, because the promise of a great open-ended adventure game is enticing for many Blow fans.

So in order to have the game fully interactive on the iPad, we just need to write the bit that translates iPad touch controls to feed them into the rest of the gameplay code, which should not take long.

-Jonathan Blow

While The Witness has no concrete release date for any platform yet, the fact that they're now able to run the engine on an iPad is good news indeed. The only thing left to do is hammer out all of the coding issues, polish the sucker, and throw it up onto the App Store and into the loving arms of mobile gamers.