IDW Publishing has announced that a new comic book series set in the world of Borderlands will be coming in July. Mikey Neumann, who wrote the first Borderlands game and the Borderlands: Origins comic books, will return to shape the story of the new series titled The Fall of Fyrestone.

The Fall of Fyrestone will be a part of the Borderlands canon and will take place on Pandora. The Vault Hunters - Roland, Mordecai, Lilith, and Brick - will be featured in an all new adventure.

According to a statement from the publishing company, "The Fall of Fyrestone hits the ground running as The Vault Hunters step off of Marcus’s bus to find a city in turmoil and a threat that will take everything they have to overcome."

“Working on Borderlands: Origins was, without a doubt, one of my most fun experiences as an editor at IDW,” said editor Tom Waltz in a statement. “All the insane excitement of the mega-popular video game—not to mention its patented snarky humor—were brought to bear in that series, and with our same dynamic creative team on board for The Fall of Fyrestone, I guarantee you we'll be turning up the dial way past eleven this time around!”

Agustin Padilla, who did the artwork for Borderlands: Origins, will be back for The Fall of Fyrestone as well.

Borderlands The Fall of Firestone
IDW/Gearbox Software

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