It is amazing that we can walk around with worlds in our pockets. The PS Vita is the only mobile console to smack you in the face with up-to-date graphics and easy to use controls, which is why it's easy to choose the Best PS Vita Games of 2013. It is the perfect salve for the gamer on the go with a hurting for some serious playtime. With a control set that mimics the console big boys, it is a familiar friend to tag along with you on your vacation, or just when you’re too lazy to walk into the other room that has the TV. Obviously with such a fun console, some great games have come out recently to join you as entertaining travel companions. Here are our picks for the Best PS Vita Games of 2013.

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    Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

    The Sly Cooper series was a staple on the PlayStation 2 and to think that you can bring the newest iteration of the game along in your pocket is simply awesome. To have that slick witted raccoon thief and his pals at your fingertips whenever you like makes the morning train commute all the more tolerable. Featuring some far out tech that allows Sly to visit his ancestors, Thieves in Time evokes those old school cartoony platformers of the previous console generation. Just remember that you’re playing as a master thief and don’t try to nab some old lady’s handbag on the train.

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    Dead or Alive 5 Plus

    The Dead or Alive franchise has become a bit of a laughing matter these days. It has become a bevy of jiggle physics and gawking gamers. But, if you wrack your brain enough, you may remember that there was a pretty decent fighting game under that pervy veneer. Gameplay requires more than just button mashing. You need a bit of practice and skill to master the system of counters and throws. Sure you might look a little odd sitting on the subway playing a game with exaggerated girls in bikinis, but at least you can have a solid fighting title in your pocket. Dead or Alive 5 Plus rightfully earns a place on our list of the Best PS Vita Games of 2013. Also, boy or girl, who doesn’t like a bit of jiggle physics?

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    Dragon's Crown

    Though it took a bit of slack for its outrageous character design, Dragon's Crown more than made up for some silliness with its solid side-scrolling action and wonderful aesthetic. The four-player actioner was a delight to play on the PS3, but having a version you could take on the go thanks to CrossSave on the Vita was a nice surprise, and one that made owning two copies of beautiful game absolutely worthwhile. Factor in tons of replayability and an impressive score, and you've got yourself one of the Best Vita Games of 2013.

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    Killzone: Mercenary

    For whatever reason, getting a competent first-person shooter on a handheld has been troublesome for many developers. About the only team to ever get it right has been Guerrilla, and the developer has done it again with Killzone: Mercenary. Even with its shortened campaign, Mercenary manages to pack a powerful presentation with solid gameplay to provide an outstanding FPS to those looking for intense multiplayer action. It's been a big year for Killzone, and you couldn't ask for a better way to enjoy the series on a portable than with Mercenary.

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    Muramasa Rebirth

    You were probably just as surprised an HD update of the Wii exclusive Muramasa: The Demon Blade was released for the Vita this year as we were. What a good surprise it was. Though you might find some elements of Muramsa Rebirth a bit repetitive, the improved presentation and easy-to-master controls make this portable version the definitive iteration of the side-scroller. It's incredibly addictive, and we just never get tired of staring at the beautifully designed landscapes and character art on every level.

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    Lone Survivor - Director's Cut

    Absolutely terrifying in every way, Lone Survivor - Director's Cut is a brilliant example of storytelling and minimalistic gameplay coming together to create a masterful experience. Another of the highly touted PC indie ports, Lone Survivor is a horrifying walk through a post-apocalyptic neighborhood filled with monsters and visions sure to induce nightmares. But getting to the bottom of the story is absolutely worth the fevered dreams, especially considering the multiple endings awaiting you to keep you coming back for more.

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    Rayman Legends

    As pure as platformers get, Rayman Legends just keeps finding new ways to make it onto multiple Best of lists. It's probably because it's just that damn good and that damn fun. While offering almost all of the exact same content as the console version, Rayman Legends on the Vita also boasts impressive visuals and touchscreen controls. More importantly, the game is built in such a way as to make it perfect for gaming on the move. With a handheld like the Vita, that's just as important as solid gameplay and tremendous presentation. Both of which Rayman Legends has in spades.

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    Hotline Miami

    Few games can match style and substance as well as Hotline Miami, and the PC gem looks and plays amazingly well on the Vita. Dennaton's inspired top-down shooter is heavy on theme, with impressive visuals backing up the incredibly graphic displays of violence every step of the way. The bite-sized mission structure suits the portable mentality perfectly, and the Vita couldn't have asked for a better indie game to bolster its growing library.

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    Media Molecule returned this year with its first new title since the days of LittleBigPlanet, and boy were we thrilled with the result. Tearaway presents a gorgeous papercraft world filled with puzzles and excitement. Using the Vita's touch controls, you can shape the world around you, and there's a bit of customization in there for you crafters as well. Tearaway captures the imagination as much as it inspires it, which is why its a shoe-in to be one of the Best Vita Games of 2013.

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    Side scrolling beat-em ups have been with us for a long time, but sometimes a new one comes along that redefines a genre. Guacamelee! is one such game that makes every other one in the genre cower in fear of its luchador mask. The art style and gameplay are both fantastic and the combat is so satisfying that it will make you wish you were a professional wrestler. Also, for some strange reason, Guacamelee! makes us a little bit hungry for chips and dip. For having character, soul, and providing hours of satisfaction, Guacamelee! earns a spot at the top of our list of the Best PS Vita Games of 2013.


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