There's the hint of a brisk wind in the air, and with it comes fall. And with fall comes a new batch of awesomeness from PlayStation Plus. Sony's online subscription service has set itself apart from Xbox Live quite nicely by offering subscribers a new batch of games that are free to download for subscribers.

PlayStation 4 owners get access to Velocity 2X, the arcade-shooting, teleporting puzzle-platformer and sequel to Velocity Ultra. Sportsfriends offers several sport-related mini-games— perfect for gamers looking to try something new with their friends.


On PlayStation 3, subscribers get access to Sony Smash Bros... er, rather, Sony PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, a four-player fighting game that in no way resembles Nintendo's flagship franchise. You'll also get Hoard, game about dragons who are hungry for gold.

Those of you with a hankering for handheld action will get Joe Danger and TxK on the PlayStation Vita. Joe Danger offers fast, Evel Knievel-style stunt action, and TxK is an update on the arcade classic Tempest.

Those who subscribe to PlayStation Plus should keep an eye out for these new games when they arrive in September, and those who don't should weep over their vast misfortune.