Not everyone is happy with Risette's return to stardom, so Rise Kujikawa needs some help from her old friends at the Investigation Team to solve a new crisis in Persona 4: Dancing All Night. 

Rise Kujikawa is back and needs to stop the latest menace from the Velvet Room in this new trailer for Persona 4: Dancing All Night. Much like the fighting game spin-off, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Dancing All Night doesn't adhere to the series' standard turn-based RPG format of combat and exploration. Instead, Dancing All Night is a bit more DDR-like in its gameplay. Since Atlus' series is known for its catchy, J-pop tunes and jazzy soundtracks, this is a change-up that actually makes sense.

Just like previous Persona titles, expect Shadow versions of each of the returning characters. We're dying to see if Shadow Teddie is a better dancer than his usual self. Rise Kujikawa returns to her popular role on TV six months after the events of Persona 4, as a mysterious video starts to appear online that is known to make its viewers disappear. When Rise's protege, Kanami Mashita, goes missing, Rise embraces her TV alter ego, rallies her old friends and starts to deal with an entirely different kind of Persona.

While no Western release has been set, Persona 4: Dancing All Night will launch for PS Vita in Japan on June 24. Atlus hasn't made an official word yet, but due to the Persona series' popularity in Europe and North America, we have a feeling we'll see it before the year is up.

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