Some new details about Persona 4: Dancing All Night have been released, explaining the game's premise, gameplay and who from the Investigation Team will be joining this upbeat shindig.

Gematsu reports that the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation has revealed all sorts of deets about Persona 4: Dancing All Night. Last week we provided a synopsis of the game after seeing its latest trailers. Now, we get to learn more about Dancing All Night's stars and its catchy gameplay. Yosuke, Chie, Kanji and Teddie have all returned to help with some haunting, supernatural occurrences. We all know that they're experienced with this sort of thing, but not when dancing is mandatory for combat. Teddie is described as being "The Prince of Dance." Kanji's dance style helps flex his muscles so he can showboat to onlookers. Yosuke and Yu are two of the first members of the Investigation Team of Persona 4 to arrive and help Rise Kujikawa with her latest crisis, and two of the most awkward on the dance floor.

To fight off the Shadow monsters of Dancing All Night, you've got to cut a little rug. Just like Dance Dance Revolution, you must rhythmically tap the buttons that appear on the screen to make your character boogie. While solo matches against the AI-controlled Shadows are the main focus, you'll also be able to perform duets featuring two different characters as well.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night is set to debut for PS Vita in Japan on June 25. Stay tuned and we'll provide an update on its Western launch once more information is available.

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