The creators of the original point-and-click survival horror game have announced its spirtiual successor, Project Scissors.

Nude Maker Inc. has announced the development of a new horror game franchise, Project Scissors, just in time for the twentieth anniversary of Clock Tower's debut on the Super Famicom (SNES in Japan). Heading the studio is Hifumi Kouno, the creator of the original Clock Tower.

Project Scissors will be set aboard a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean. After the ship's captain and crew have been mysteriously and brutally killed, its passengers must deal with survival. With the luxury liner dead at sea, you must avoid the murderer while trying to find a way off the boat. Since the game is called Project Scissors, we have a feeling all the lifeboats will be cut and let loose.

Besides Kouno, there are some other horror greats also involved with Project Scissors' development. The creature designer for the Silent Hill series, Masahiro Ito, will be the creature and prop designer of Project Scissors. Takashi Shimizu, the director of 'Ju-on' and 'The Grudge,' will be Project Scissors' creative producer. Shimizu will also be directing a live action trailer for the game.

Project Scissors will launch for the iOS and Android formats along with the PS Vita.

Scissorman is always creepy, just like these moments from Resident Evil:

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