We unearthed the 10 Most Notorious Serial Killers in Gaming because it's the perfect week to do so. Black Friday is synonymous with the slashing of prices, inspiring terror and insanity throughout the masses as it corks out the meaning of our holidays and switching it out for soulless commercialism atop holiday muzak. With the spirit of Halloween stuck on our heels and the awfulness of Black Friday behind us, it is the perfect time to bring out the most remorseless savages of them all to remind all of us waiting in line that it could be worse. These characters represent the worst of the worst in terms of soulless brutality. So just remember this during the holiday season as you witness soccer moms stampeding over each other just to find out those next-gen consoles are out of stock -- the 10 Most Notorious Serial Killers in Gaming all started off somewhere.

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    The Five

    Shadow Man

    Starting off our list of the 10 Most Notorious Serial Killers in Gaming is not just one serial killer but a whole group of them! On top of that, these five serial killers are actually harbingers of the apocalypse! As if a collection of five doomsday-bringing psychopaths wasn't enough, Shadow Man shocked us all when we found out that one of these murderers was actually Jack the Ripper, who continued his lunacy in the afterlife. We're all about dedicating one's life to a hobby, but that's a bit much, Jack.

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    Naughty Bear

    The premise of Naughty Bear was inspired by Saturday morning cartoons. Naughty just took the violence from the likes of Tom and Jerry, gave it a Manhunt twist and made all of the characters teddy bears. Naughty Bear was horrible as a game, it tried to offer a bit of critique as to how we treat outcasts. Did Naughty become hateful and angry as a response to being treated poorly by his neighbors? Or did his neighbors start treating him like that because of his sour disposition? While it certainly wasn't Ted in terms of sadistic humor, Naughty Bear's dark and cuddly premise was still memorable.

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    Walter Sullivan

    Silent Hill 4: The Room

    The tale of Henry Townshend and Walter Sullivan might not live up to the stellar story of James Sunderland in Silent Hill 2, but it was still a great twist on both ghost stories and the overarching Silent Hill lore. In Silent Hill 4, you play as a Henry Townshend, a man who is mysteriously confined to his apartment room. You eventually find out that room 302 was where Walter Sullivan was born and immediately abandoned by his parents. Walter considered the room to be his actual mother, despite being raised at an orphanage in Silent Hill a few states away. Walter then would stalk the other tenants of the apartment building and killed them for being obstacles between him and his "mother". It wouldn't be considered a Silent Hill story unless Walter's ghost continued his mommy issues.

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    Clock Tower Series

    You can't be a fictional serial killer unless you walk really slow. And the Scissorman was about as fast as a Ric Flair strut after blowing out one of his knees. Scissorman might have a laughable name expected of one of Dr. Wily's robots, but the trial and error method of hiding from him in this point-and-click game series made him absolutely terrifying. No matter how scary he can be, Scissorman will never be as disturbing as some of the results you find when you Google-image his name.

    Human Entertainment
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    Raincoat Killer

    Deadly Premonition

    Deadly Premonition is the "B movie" of gaming; it's just one of those games that is so horrible that it makes it very entertaining. Deadly Premonition has puts you in the shoes of an FBI agent who is investigating a ritualistic murder of a young woman out in the secluded town of Greenvale. It turns out that whoever killed the girl is copying the "Raincoat Killer" of the 1950s, where a person went on an axing spree after becoming crazy due to the government experimenting on the town with a chemical weapon. We don't need to inhale hazardous chemicals to realize that the Raincoat Killer was one sadistic hombre.

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    Serial Killer X

    The Condemned Series

    Halfway through our list of the 10 Most Notorious Serial Killers in Gaming, we have a serial killer of serial killers. That's no typo, Leland Vanhorn went around murdering serial killers with their own modus operandi. The interesting concept about the first Condemned title is that you played as a CSI agent who would investigate other serial killers just to try to catch Serial Killer X. By the end of the first title, everything turns kooky due to mutilated monsters appearing and turning people crazy. A serial killer killing who hunts other serial killers with some CSI tossed in sounds eerily similar to Dexter, but luckily the insanity-causing monsters were there to differentiate the two.

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    Freddy Kruger

    Mortal Kombat / Nightmare on Elm St.

    What can be said about horror's "bastard son of 100 maniacs" that hasn't been said already? You'll always remember the red and green sweater, the brown fedora and the clawed glove. In the most recent entry of the Mortal Kombat series, Freddy was nowhere as scary as he normally is (the same could be said of the remake his in-game model was based upon). But we still remember the Nintendo Entertainment System classic and all of its ridiculousness.

    NetherRealm Studios
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    The Black Dahlia Murderer

    LA Noire

    LA Noire took the concept of the infamous, unsolved Black Dahlia murder and translated it to the gaming medium in an ingenious way. The "Werewolf" killer worked as an agency bartender throughout various bars in Los Angeles. During this job, he would observe or talk to women who were drinking alone and find out about their personal issues, whom he would eventually murder. He would exploit the women's personal information to help frame other people. The Werewolf would purposely vary his tactics so the police would think that there were other killers imitating his murders. LA Noire's protagonist, Cole Phelps, solves all of the murders and links them all to the same person, but due to the red tape of the bureaucracy, the killer's identity was kept anonymous and the public never knew who committed the Black Dahlia murder.

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    Hotline Miami

    Jacket has all the makings of a disturbing psychopath - he is a master of stealth kills, he can take out entire platoons of thugs and cops on his own and he constantly wears various animal masks so he can creep his victims out (also providing gameplay changes). Jacket vomited after killing his first victim in Hotline's tutorial, which shows some sort of remorse. Hotline Miami is filled with a bunch of plot twists, but one that we loved was when we found out that Jacket had been taking out Russian mafiosos throughout the entire duration of the game, tremendously decreasing the amount of crime in Miami. We guess Jacket isn't so creepy after all.

    Devolver Digital
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    Origami Killer

    Heavy Rain

    Sitting atop the throne of the 10 Most Notorious Serial Killers in Gaming, we have the Origami Killer from Heavy Rain. The twist at the end of Heavy Rain may have been predictable (for us, at least), but the premise and circumstances of what caused the Origami Killer story was some excellent storytelling. With nearly 20 different endings, Heavy Rain kept us coming back to the Ethan and Scott's story for more. Thanksgiving is all about bringing people together, so we thank the Origami Killer for bringing together such a stellar cast and development team and making Heavy Rain a glorious feast of quick-time events.

  • Bonus: The Player

    Grand Theft Auto Series

    That's right, the Grand Theft Auto series has dropped some seriously demented characters on us, such as Trevor Phillips. But the most demented acts of the series were always at the hands of you. Based on the millions of people who have ever deviated from the main story and just went on mindless killing sprees, GTA has accumulated an in-game body count higher than every killer on this list combined. Way to go, sicko.