All right, cats and kittens, time to turn it over to the midnight channel for a little boogie-thon called Persona 4: Dancing All Night, the new dance game based on the hit JRPG series of the same name.

Persona games have always been known for their strong storytelling, and Dancing All Night will be no different. In it, rumors spread about a mysterious website transporting people to the 'other side' and leaving them stranded there. The Persona crew looks into these disappearances, and in doing so they end up dance battling the villainous Shadows of the Midnight Stage. Sure, it all sounds kind of crazy when laid out in front of you, but developer Atlus' storylines always sound like that until you play the game. Here's hoping Persona 4: Dancing All Night has a little bit of RPG to it, a little more story, and, most importantly, a whole lotta dancing.

Unfortunately, even though no firm release was ever given, Dancing All Night has been hit with a slight delay. According to IGN, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax director Kazuhisa Wada has taken over the project, as P4DAN reportedly needed its quality addressed. That means the Japanese release has been pushed into 2015, thus making the North American release potentially that much further behind as well.

At least we'll have two other Persona 4 games to tide us over until this issue is resolved.