God Mode, a new four-player co-op shooter for PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, and Steam, is coming from Atlus in early 2013.

Ever wanted to travel to the underworld to battle a heaping host of hellspawn in order to reclaim your rightful place among the pantheon of the gods? Then do we have good news for you, as Atlus has just announced a new co-op shooter where you'll be doing that very thing.

In God Mode, developer Old School Games has combined role-playing game elements with third-person shooter sensibilities to potentially breathe new life into the co-op shooter genre. Players will earn experience and gold to upgrade and customize their characters as they progress through the underworld (alone or with friends), battling all sorts of crazy monsters with all manner of ridiculous modifiers that drastically reshape the battlefield at any moment.

Details on a price and a firm release date are slim at the moment, but you can check out the first gameplay trailer of God Mode below for a taste of what awaits.