God Mode is a nifty new third-person arcade shooter from Old School Games which blends running, gunning, ridiculous weapons, and loads of enemies in order to bring you a unique gaming experience. And now you can get your hands on it -- except not on the PlayStation Network.

The best part about this game, aside from the nostalgic arcade shooting action and multiplayer, is that it will only cost you $9.99 on Steam (and the PSN, when it's released on April 23rd, 2013), and 800 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360.

You and your buds will make your way through hordes of demonic baddies by using weapons like plasma cannons, miniguns, and something called the "buzzsaw."

According to its press release, God Mode offers the following features:

  • Devilish Value: Developed by Old School Games, God Mode is all about the pick-up-and-play fun of classic shooters modernized with 3D graphics and online multiplayer co-op in a value-priced package ($9.99, prices may vary in international territories).
  • Demonic Variety: Four player co-op, customizable outfits, upgradeable weapons, five different stages, eight different difficulty modifiers, special powers, and more than 40 different Tests of Faith randomly challenge players with plenty of unique scenarios.
  • Hellish Combat:  Spear-throwing skeletons, axe-wielding centurions, charging minotaurs that split into two smaller flaming-axe throwing demons, magic-hurling apparitions, giant club-swinging abominations, and more await players in the depths of the Pit. Not just one. Several. Multiple. Many. See the definition of "horde" to get a feel of the forces players must defeat to escape the clutches of hell.
  • Infernal Cooperation:  As the saying goes, "four players are better than one." Lobby-based online and LAN multiplayer make it easy to join up and fight to the finish - and be the first to truly achieve God mode.
Watch the trailer below and tell us whether or not you'll jump in to fight the good fight and slay some bad guys with your best friends.